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Aluminium Insulated Roller Garage Doors

The ExC°elsior ® is an ideal solution for people who want to gain some extra space in the garage. Escelsior® is a great insulation barrier, ideal for integral garages. Save on heating and help the environment. Constructed of aluminium and foam filled creating high insulation and noise reduction. Available in laminated woodgrain colours which provide a longer lasting finish with a five year manufacturers warranty. All doors have a white interior creating more light with a cleaner finish. The doors are powered by a high quality tube motor with a manual override and a five year warranty.

Excelsior Insulated Roller Door from Garage Door Services
Excelsior door feature as supplied by Garage Door Services
Excelsior has built in autolocks, when the door is cosed a spring clamp
device hold the door down tight.
European Standard for realiablity and safety
Excelsior® is CE marked to BS EN 13241-1:2003 and security tested to the equivalent of prEN1630. The principle European standard relevant to domestic garage doors identifies all the critical health and safety consideration within the design and manufacture of the product. This gives resellers, users and consumers the necessary reassurance that they are purchasing a safe and reliable product.
Excelsior stronger when closed
EXCELSIOR® is an impressive 10Kg/m2 making it much stronger when closed
Thermal insulated to reduce heat loss
Excelsior is thermally insulated to K=4.3 W/m2K. In other words, thermal insulation can keep an enclosed area such as a garage warm. Ideal for integral garages, garages with bedrooms above. Reducing CO2
Insulated doors act as a sound barrier
The Excelsior's impressive 15mm thick curtain acts as a sound barrier
Overview of installation

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Excelsior doors with remote controls
Two remote controls, a photocell safety beam and a courtesy light are supplied as standard
Excelsior Roller doors manufactured to ISO:9001
Excelsior products are manufactured under an ISO:9001 Quality management system, assuring you that your door is monitored from start to finish.
Excelsior Roller doors are supplied with laminated woodgrain finish
Excelsior curtain is supplied with laminated woodgrain finish as standard, this is harder wearing than normal paint finish and looks great too.
Excelsior Colour Chart

Excelsior Colour Chart Click Picture to Enlarge
Optional Extras available with Excelsior Insulated Roller Doors
Bulit in alarm on Excelsior door
Safety Edge With Built in Alarm
What's the safety edge? Basically in the bottom rail of your door we have placed a sensor which will react to any attempt of physical force. The safetyedge can work in two ways, first as an alrm sensor when the door is closed the alarm is armed. Second, as an emergency sensor when the door is in operation, if it hits an object it will stop and return to the open position. As a rsult this will not cause any damage to the door or the object.
Excelsior optional extra - wireless keypad Wireless Keypad
Where can you use our wireless keypad option? The answer is very easy - Anywhere, because it is wireless, so you can put it on any surface, any place and you can forget about unnecessary wiring work. It saves you time and money.
Excelsior door monitor
Door Monitor
This very simple and very useful device helps you to check the status of your door. Are you sure that you have closed the door this time? With this Open/Close Door Monitor you are always sure.
Excelsior Battery Backup Battery Back Up
Add the battery back up and never worry about power failure again, no pulling on awkward cables to release the door or winding a crank handle. Just carry on using it as normal and wait for the power to return.
ExC°elsior® is a registered trade mark of Birkdale Doors Ltd.
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