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Roller Doors

Space Saving

Roller doors are space saving both inside and outside the garage
Unlike an up-and-over garage door a roller door rolls up vertically and subsequently does not swing out in front of the garage. This means you can park right up to the door and benefit from more hanging space in the roof of the garage as well.

Roller Doors from Gagare Door Services


Easy to operate

The unique spring assisted spindle assembly assures precise balance and will provide you with a roller door that is always easy to open and close giving reliable performance at all times. The use of the material Polyglide on the edges of the door allows effortless operation with minimum noise and friction.

More secure than an up and over door.

The strength gained from the unique profile and aluminium bottom rail is unrivalled and has been specifically designed to reinforce our roller doors against intruder penetration.

Minimal maintenance.

There is no requirement for any oiling or greasing of any part of a roller door, a periodic clean of the guides with a soft cloth and white spirit is all that is required whilst the finish of the door may be washed with warm soapy water.


Our chosen manufacturer is Gliderol. They give us and you the reassurance of knowing that we are dealing with one of the world's most experienced roller garage door manufacturers with over thirty years experience in the garage door industry.

Guaranteed to last

As Gliderol doors are built to take the wear and tear of life and the weather, Gliderol are able to provide some impressive guarantees. So long as the door is reasonably maintained Gliderol doors are guaranteed against all normal conditions - in the case of electrical components for 2 years, mechanical parts for 6 years and the door finish for 10 years.

Gliderol Roller Doors supplied by Garage Door Services
Gliderol Roller Doors supplied by Garage Door Services
Gliderol Roller Doors supplied by Garage Door Services
Gliderol Roller Doors supplied by Garage Door Services
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